Corn Husk Dolls: Part 1 Update

As my daughter Em would say, "Whon Whon. " My husband taught her this sound effect for when things go wrong. It is actually very hysterical when something really does go wrong and my husband and I are tense (usually involving directions.) All of a sudden we will hear "Whon Whon" from the back seat. You can't help but laugh.

Back to the corn, "Whon Whon!" They shriveled up! I did see that you can buy nice flat husks at the craft store or use tamale wrappers. So much for being resourceful -- off to the craft store we go!


Beth- the mama bee said...

no, no, those are fine. Soak them in warm water before working with them and they will go just fine!

Mama King said...

Oh no! I threw them out already...but good to know. Thanks!

Amy said...

OH that is too bad. But I guess you will come up with something else.


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