Thanksgiving Craft: Paper Tube Turkey

Optional: paint a paper towel tube

Flatten Tube.
Cut 7 skinny strips from tube.
Glue together at base.
Use a clip or clothes pin to hold together.

Cut out a wider strip (aprox. 1-2 inches)
Use this to cut into turkey body shape.
Cut open at bottom.
Cut another thin strip from main tube to use as legs.
Glue popsicle stick and legs to inside of turkey.
Glue entire turkey together hold together with clip or clothes pin while it dries.

Decorate your turkey !

Once back feathers are dry fluff open.

Using a fair amount of glue - glue back feathers to back of turkey.
Let dry overnight.

Nice parting shot!



Amanda said...

Very clever, such a cute project :)

Kristine said...

That's very cute!

Sherry said...

very cute! Love that everything is on hand, nice recycleable project!

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Adorable, always looking for fun projects to do with our toilet paper tube stash : )

Amy said...

How fun.. Happy Thanksgiving early..

Elise said...

You come up with such creative ways to use those empty tube rolls.

Your turkey project is adorable.

jennwa said...

That is a great Turkey. Super cute.

Christy Killoran said...

LOVE it! So cute!

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

That is so clever! Love the parting shot -- Hahaha! We have tons of toilet paper rolls around here. What a great way to reuse them... thanks!

Anonymous said...
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Beth- the mama bee said...

I linked to you. I have a very basic tp turkey on today:

abbie said...

happy thanksgiving friend...hope you and your family have a healthy! happy, and joyful holiday. Abbie


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