Twirling Cats & Ballerinas

I found this fun activity over at Bilbified. Kristine is great and so is her blog! Her blog name is inspired by her daughters stuffed Bilby animal. Many of you may already know what a Bilby is - I did not. So we quickly learned what one was. Check in on Kristine and her two sweeties over at Bilbified and see what they are up to.

Instructions: Cut out two figures for each twirling toy. I used two different colors paper so when it spins it looks extra pretty. Glue a bamboo cooking skewer between the two pieces of paper. Let dry. Decorate.

Rub between your hands or fingers to make twirl and spin. Both girls loved their twirling toys. Lu's is the ballerina and Em's is the cat. I did mine free hand but you could find a template or coloring page you want to use.

Watch your kids while they play with this toy. Do not leave young child unattended with skewers...or else! Ouch!


Christy Killoran said...

I have to make these! LOVE them! My kids will too. Thanks.

Kristine said...

That would be me! I'm very pleased. I think you're the first person who has tried out something I've suggested - in blog world at least.

Amy said...

wow you sure do have a lot of crafts..


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