Bleeding Flowers

I picked up these flower cutouts made out of a coffee filter like paper. They are meant to bleed washable marker or water colors when wet. I have been meaning to try this craft with the girls for awhile but I use a French press to make coffee so I don't have coffee filters in the house. If you do have coffee filters in the house this is such a simple fun activity. Or you can pick up these cool flowers for a couple bucks at Michaels. They also came in leaf shapes. Both girls made a stack of the flowers. I also picked up two mini plastic spray bottle. Note: The girls sprayed themselves as much as they did the paper!

Just color and spray!

Afterwards, I twisted several flowers together and taped them onto a bamboo skewer.

I had fun playing around with them too! 

I love the different tie die effects you can get. 


MaryAnne said...

Very fun! This has been on my to-do list for ages, too, maybe I'll get around to it sometime soon.

Sippy Cup Central said...

That's lovely, Karen

Kristin said...

Those turned out great! I love the different things you did with them. We just used these last week for a classroom craft and they worked out on a large group too!

JavaMama said...

So beautiful! I love it.

Deborah Stewart said...

Those did turn out great!

Katie said...

Well if something hast to bleed, this is the best possible result. Cute!


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