The Teacher Appreciation Luncheon is next week at Lu's school. The door sign is ready to go.
One of Lu's classmates mom suggested we decorate some silly hats for the teachers to wear to their luncheon. What a great idea! The theme I decided to go with is

Boom Chicka Boom Boom We Love Mrs. Huhn!

Boom Chicka Boom Boom We Love Ms. Case!

I got all my materials at Michaels Craft Store for pretty cheap. The hats are made out of foam. I attached the pictures to some paper coasters I found in the dollar bin. The plastic letters were on clearance.

Got them some leis to wear with bubbles attached for some extra fun. 

I hope they will feel special! 


Christy Killoran said...

That is great! I love the bubbles attached to the leis and the hats are so cute. Nice theme.

HennyPenny said...

I love the door hanger :) Very inventive with the hats!

Kristin said...

Great door! I'm sure the teachers loved the hats, and even more I'm sure the kids loved their teachers in their hats. Very fun!

Cathy Espinosa Payne said...

Love your blog! added you to my blog list - great teacher appreciation door signs always looking for new ideas!

MaryAnne said...

Everything you put together is so cute! I would love to be a preschool teacher with your daughter in my class =)

Katie said...

Oh get out how cute are those hats!!! I love it and they are ready made to be turned into next year's Halloween costume and to show next years class what they have to live up to when it comes to appreciating teachers!


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