Fall Leaf Napkin Holders

This is a popular fall craft that is so simple and fun to do. Your grade school aged (on up) children will have fun making these for your Thanksgiving Day table.

Cardboard tube, leaves, glue or mod podge, glitter, paintbrush for glue, scissors to trim.

Cut tubes into rings. 
Paint glue onto ring.
Apply leaf to tube.
Paint some more glue on top of leaf.
Overlap leaves using this method.
Don't worry that leaves are hanging over the edge. 
You can trim them after the glue dries. 
Sprinkle on some glitter (if you like.)
Let dry them dry on some wax paper
Trim leaves.

I took this photo before I had a chance to apply an outer layer of glue for a final seal. You may find letting them dry then going back and gluing down the stubborn edges is more manageable.

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Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

Those are so pretty! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.


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