Book Inspired Character Mobile

 Have your kids turn their favorite characters into an easy mobile (no wire cutters necessary!) See how we made ours...

All you need are: foam craft sheets (cardboard will do), paper clips, markers, long pipe cleaners and scissors

Have your child draw the characters onto foam craft sheet. Cut out. Attach paper clip leaving a bit on top to thread pipe cleaner through.

Even the youngest artist can do this. See Em's cat! You just need to help them cut it out.

Pipe cleaners (aka chenille stems) are easy for small kids to use. We chose to make our hanger chain linked but you do not have to. Have fun creating your own mobile!

1 comment:

MaryAnne said...

What a fantastic idea! I think we'll be doing this, especially since Emma got a set of craft foam sheets for her birthday from one of her friends!


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