Book Inspired Crafts

It is Winter Break. The girls and I are stuck at home with the sniffles. We decided to work on some suggested literacy homework. Children were asked to keep a reading log and create a book inspired project (i.e. mobile, diorama, puppet...)

I read Clara and the Bookwagon by N. Smiler Levinson to Lu. We checked our book out of the library but if you are interested it is available for sale here. The I Can Read Series is an excellent introduction to chapter books. This is a particularly great one! Lu wanted to make a bookwagon for her project.

With my help, Lu turned a tissue box into a bookwagon.

Lu and I both liked that the book was based on a real person and true events. There really was a bookwagon that traveled to rural areas in the early 1900's. Lu was amazed that not all kids went to school back then and even fewer kids owned books!

Working on the bookwagon was a great way to continue the conversation.

Closeup of "books" in wagon. Books are piece of cardboard glued onto a piece of brown paper bag.

Have fun reading and crafting with your kids!


huana said...


MaryAnne said...

I love the bookwagon!

Valerie @ Inner Child Fun said...

What a wonderful book wagon to go along with the book! Great idea!!


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