Ukulele Love

My Lu wants to learn how to play the ukulele! While I research ukulele lessons and aquiring a ukulele, Lu has been keeping herself busy turning everything and anything she can loop rubber bands onto into a ukele. I decided to help her out a bit. :-)

I took a well worn round cardboard box (a piggy bank came in it) and cut it in half to create the base of the ukele. I took the top half and cut it open to create the distinct ukele shape. Bend to shape. Hot glue and clamp.

You can see where it is going. I placed the ruler to illustrate where the neck will go.
Stay tuned for part 2, paper mache!

Edit: Thanks to Sharon from Mama's A Mess for helping me spell UKULELE!!


MaryAnne said...

How fun! I hope you manage to find her a good Ukele teacher!

***Sharon*** said...

Wait....ukele? Or Ukulele?

Kailani has been taking ukulele lessons for the last couple of months. It is AWESOME!!!

I cannot WAIT to see the finished product. You are AMAZING!!!!

Mama King said...

@Sharon: Uhhh...oops! :0


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