Alphabet Nature Collages

We recently had a few days of gorgeous fall weather.  The girls and I took the opportunity to get outside and forage for collage materials. The girls had a blast. I always know when an activity is a success when they repeatedly ask to do it again!

We also added some beans, couscous and rice to the mix. We dyed the rice and couscous with food coloring and a squirt of hand sanitizer (in place of the rubbing alcohol.)

Have your child draw the letter of their choice with the glue bottle.  You can draw the letter and have them trace it with the glue. Make sure they use a lot of glue! Depending on how quickly your child works, you may need to add more glue in sections as they work.

The final step was adding glitter to fill in all the little nooks and crannies. Let dry then gently shake off excess. 

The girls preferred the "sprinkling on method" so I cut up the pine needles and rosemary.  

Both girls wanted to keep making letters for their friends.

Have fun crafting with your kids!

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