For the birds...

Ordinary Life Magic has very cute heart shaped bird popcorn bird feeders. As we have been house bound with a virus for going on 5 days now...I improvised. I used thread instead of floral wire and we just made a garland of popcorn. Lulu (Emme was napping) and I made popcorn the old fashioned way. Which was a fun activity in itself. She measured out the oil and popcorn and helped me put the lid on our heavy pot. Then we waited for the sounds of popcorn popping. She got so excited! "I can hear it! I can hear it!" she chanted. When the threat of oil splashing out was over I lifted the lid a bit and popcorn came flying out. This sent her over the edge. She squealed with delight. Then the threading of popcorn & cranberries began. I placed the item on the needle and Lulu eased it down to the end. I thought she might get bored of this quickly but she did not. I wanted to tie it off much sooner than she did! She had a clear idea of how she wanted it to look too! Cranberries on the ends with popcorn in the middle.

If you find yourself housebound and stir crazy try this activity it was fun, easy, and cheap.

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