Valentine's Collage

In December, we made winter solstice lanterns. We used tissue paper, glitter, sequins, Modge Podge and a balloon. We placed a tea light inside the lanterns and they glowed beautifully. After a month or so of being looked at and carried around they were starting to look a bit beat up so I decided to cut them up for a valentines collage. The tissue paper was beautiful with all the glitter Lulu had added. I did't want to see it go in the trash. We used cardboard as a base, added more sequins and homemade confetti. I showed Lulu how to use the hole punch and she went to town punching holes in the tissue. Afterwards I showed her the confetti stored inside the hole punch. She loved that. I let her pour on the glue and have fun. After she glued the pieces down I let her squeeze more glue on and then sprinkle on sequins and confetti. We punched a hole at the top and added a ribbon for hanging. I think we may do a heart later this week. So here we have a L for Love & Lulu.

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Anonymous said...

So beautiful! Nice work, Lulu!


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