Sol-Nal / Happy Lunar New Year

Happy New Year! Here is my offering to you...a free kids coloring page in honor of the Lunar New Year. Download the picture and print!

There is very little offered on the web currently in terms of children's activities and crafts for the Korean New Year. There is a tremendous amount of fun ideas and activities for kids to celebrate the Chinese New Year. I am a Korean adoptee and have very little knowledge of many Korean traditions and customs. I grew up thinking anything Chinese was interchangeable with Korean. I don't want my daughters to make the same mistake! My youngest daughter is also a Korean adoptee and my eldest daughter (biological) is part Korean and Scottish. As they grow up, I plan on exposing them to the beautiful and unique Korean culture and traditions. I am happy that we will be learning much of it together. You can imagine how frustrated and disappointed I was when I could only find some really bad clip art and a few paragraphs about the Korean New Year. I suspect there are a lot of adoptive parents like myself in a similar situation. I decided that It is my mission to use this blog as a resource for adoptive parents as well as crafty folks. I will try to pull together the best of the web and some of my own ideas, crafts and artwork especially for kids. So check back occasionally for recommendations and ideas!

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Lulu will be wearing her Han-bok to school to celebrate the New Year. She is bringing sweet rice cakes for snack. (These are yummy and fun to eat as they are about the size of your head!) I bought a children's book about the Korean New Year for her to share with the class (New Clothes for New Year's Day by Hyun-joo Bae). She will also be bringing in copies of this drawing (which I did very quickly because I couldn't find anything halfway decent on line!) for the children to color.

Here are just a few sites I found.

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Katie said...

Oh dear now I feel a little bad that I didn't even know it was Korean new year. Guess I'm a bit disconnected from my roots. You're right though, it's nearly impossible to find things out about Korean history or culture. Chinese and Japenese is everywhere.


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