Ramblings Flip Flop Craft

Jenwa at Ramblings of a Crazy Woman and Filth Wizardry featured homemade flip flops. We couldn't resist trying this one at home.

Foam Craft Sheets or Cardboard
Pony Beads
Chenille Stems (Pipe Cleaners)
Hole punch

After attaching the pipe cleaners - I glued a second foot shape on to hide the pipe cleaners. This also made the sole a bit more cooshie. Visit Ramblings of a Crazy Woman for full instructions. I like how she used card board and had her kids decorate their own (great for older kids.) The foam sheets made this a fun and easy craft for toddlers. Adult assistance is a must for small children. Done on a smaller scale this would be cute as a gift tag. Have fun crafting with your kids.

Edit: I forgot to mention we made the flip flops on 2 different days (actually over a week apart.) I try not to push my kiddos to finish a project. I just put it aside until they are ready to try it again. Usually I will let some time pass and take it out the next craft (Emme's nap) time and see if Lu is interested in working on it again.


MaryAnne said...

These are cute - and I love your idea of using them as a gift tag.

Amy said...

That is really cute. Great idea for a party.

SMÄ°LENA said...


Little Nut Tree said...

We did this a couple of months ago, (didn't post about it) yours came out lovely! Froglet got bored before we had quite finished the second flip flop so it's nearly beadless!
Ours are cardboard, too flimsy to really wear but great for the dressing-up-box.

Mama King said...

Little Nut Tree: that is a good point! I forgot to mention we did the flip flops on 2 different days.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love that craft! Will have to try it with my niece!


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