Open Ended Collage to the Rescue!

Thanks for all your kind words of support! It is really heartwarming to read your comments! I am not over the worst. I unfortunately discovered surgery is in my future... just before Christmas none the less... ho ho ho! I know you will all understand if I do not to go into detail but know that I am hopeful that this will bring much needed relief.

The girls are doing great and are full of energy. So what do you do with a toddler when all you can do is clutch a cup of tea and slump over on the table?

For Emme it was collage. This day was particularly difficult for me. Thank you Katie from Katie's Nesting Spot for the COLLAGE PACKET you had sent us a few weeks back! Emme sat for two hours straight gluing! She made eight cards to send to family and friends. We'll be sending one your way, Katie!

Emme loved the variety of materials and of course enjoyed wielding the glue bottle!


Katie said...

I am so glad the packet came to the rescue! A good thing I decided to include it after all, at first I thought being that you're a former art teacher you'd have it all and wonder why I was sending that random assortment! But ER loves getting a pile of stuff and being able to go to town. Been meaning to tell you thank you for your encouraging email back right after Halloween. Looks like my problems might be minor compared to yours! Puts things into perspective, I'm here if you need to unload. Cause I certainly do to you:) Love from MI.

maryanne said...

I'm sorry to hear you're facing surgery in the near future! I hope it goes well and that you have a smooth recovery - and best wishes for daily survival until then.

abbie said...

I am sorry to hear that surgery is in your future, but I too hope that this will give you relief. As for collages...that is what my 3yo loves too...I have figured out that 3-year-olds love paste-it or push-it-in crafts! He loves pushing anything into a lump of clay, buttons, beads, bolts, string, name it. :) Hope you all are feeling better soon.

Beth- the mama bee said...

ahhhh.... feel better soon.

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Oh, dear, I do hope you feel better soon. So sorry to hear that, and the timing is just terrible! I love Emme's collage. She looks so happy going to town with that glue!

It can be so hard when the family is down one mama! We'll be sending lots of good thoughts your way for a quick and speedy recovery.


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