Model Magic Easter Egg

Supplies: Model Magic in different colors & Styrofoam Egg
Plastic Work Mat, Rolling Pin, Plastic Wrap

We began with a little color mixing. We did not have green MM so Lu mixed Yellow and Blue together. I think Lu still had St. Patrick's Day on her mind.

Roll out your MM. We used plastic over our MM so it wouldn't stick to the rolling pin. Make sure your piece is large enough to wrap around your egg. Don't make too thin or it will rip. Once rolled out have fun decorating. Rolling little balls of colored MM and then smoosh them into the MM. It is really fun and easy to do! You don't even need to wrap it around an egg.

Once your piece is thoroughly decorated, wrap it around the egg. Mush together the seam. Cove it with more colored dots. Lu even stamped hers.

I think Lu's came out looking very Kandinsky-esque! 

Let it dry. MM is very light weight. You could attach a ribbon from the top and hang your egg. Lu chose to squirrel it away in her room. Em was napping when we made Lu's. This project is so easy - I will be repeating it with Em when Lu is at school. I know she will love squishing the MM!


Sippy Cup Central said...

super cute! karen

Cindy said...

What a beautiful egg. I love keepsakes like this.


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