Model Magic Craft: Tiny Tea Cups


Having fun creating miniature tea cups and some "game pieces" out of Model Magic. 

The teacups are tiny pinch pots. I demonstrated how to make one then helped Lu make her own.
We decorated them with tiny stamps. 

Before we made the teacups, I showed Lu how to roll the MM in her hands to make little balls. Then I showed her how to take a stamp and squish the ball into a coin shape. Well she loved this and made about 20 coins. She made up a game that I am still confused as to the exact directions. 



Kristine said...

love the colours

Ticia said...

Oh, this would be so fun! I'll have to break down and buy some more.

MaryAnne said...

Very nice model magic creations that young children can make =)

Katie said...

Fun I thought the second I saw the "coins" that ER would love making those. They would be a timely project with St. Patty's day and all.

Nicole said...

This looks very fun! I love how kids Lu's age can make up games with very elaborate rules that only they can remember.

I have photos up now from lantern-making. By the way, with the older kids, I gave them sheets of white paper with textured orange and black paper they had to rip up. It gave the latern a thicker look and made them think more about the pattern they wanted.


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