One from the Vault: Box Top Aquarium

Box Top with a Window
Cardboard fish
Hole Punch

Cut box top off box. Paint water. Draw fish shapes on cardboard. Paint cardboard. Cut out fish. Glue onto water. Older kids can add plants, rocks, and decorate frame. Punch holes on top and string with yarn. Hang in a window.

Check out the original post here.

The movers are coming next week. We will be without a home and a computer for a few weeks. I have scheduled one old post a week until we return. Hope you enjoy. We'll be back in August.


MaryAnne said...

This is lovely. Good luck with the move!

M for Short said...

Well, hey - CONGRATS on selling your place!
I see many other "box ideas" coming with the decision to pack up and relocate. Good luck!
(And thanks for thinking of us in "need" for some Kim craftiness while you're in transit.)


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