Teacher Gift: Beaded Badge Lanyard

School year comes to a close this Wednesday. Lu made these beaded badge holders for her two classroom teachers. We are going to get Dunkin Donut gift cards to put in the badge part with a note. I liked this activity because it allowed Lu to create something that her teachers will surely get use out of. A simple yet personal way to say thanks. This would be a great gift for anyone who has to wear an identification badge for work.

I bought the badge clips and plastic sleeves at staples. They came in packs of 10 so we will be doing this craft again for next years teachers. We used regular waxed beading string with wooden beads.


Christy Killoran said...

I love this idea! How perfect and practical! I think we will be making this too! If I can convince Collin to do enough beading, we could make them for his gym, art, health, music, etc. teachers! Fantastic idea!

Jennifer said...

What a gorgeous idea!!!

Anonymous said...

First let me say THANK YOU for recognizing and wanting to reward your child's teacher for all the hard work throughout the year. It can often be a thankless job.

Please be sure you know your teacher well before investing your time and money in projects and gifts. Personally, when I receive gifts of photos and stories, I much prefer them to gifts such as these. You can break a kid's heart by not wearing it (I don't like lanyards of any sort and strive to not wear them in spite fo the school policy that our ID cards are displayed on a lanyard worn around the neck). Kids love to come back after one or several years and find that youare still cherishing their gift. The students themselves are our gifts and thanks-yous are greatly appreciated, but for some teachers, like me, this would be more burden than boon.

Mama King said...

@ Anonymous - I appreciate your point of view. As a former teacher, I aquired my fair share of homemade gifts. I personally loved receiving them and displayed/hung them in my office and classroom!

I believe a thoughtfully homemade present from an adoring child can't ever be considered a waste of time, let a lone a burden. My girls take great pleasure in making gifts for their teachers. We always include a gift card for the teacher so she or he can pick out something they will enjoy. I understand gift cards are more practical but homemade gifts really are more meaningfull.

Anonymous said...

I can't agree more that a handmade gift is much more meaningful and appreciated. I, too display my gifts throughout the year and even for years afterward, but I have had more than my share of children who cry when their gifts are "replaced" by the gifts of others. Explanations aside, the pain is still in their eyes and hearts. As much as I'd love this lanyard gift, I could never wear it and that would be heartbreaking to some children.

As I said, be sure you know your teacher! I never said don't give handmade gifts! I love the handmade cards and pencil cups (which work great for rulers and scissors and paperclips, and, and, and ...) and notepad boxes and supply organizers (made from 6-pack boxes) and the like.

You may be aware of these two sites, but they have awesome ides for other things that a talented, creative person like you can springboard from. I follow your blog 'cause you have great stuff. I just had to weigh in on this one item.



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