Asian New Year: How To Make A Toy Spinning Hand Drum

Spinning hand drums (also called Monkey, Tik Tak, Lollipop...) can be found in many cultures (including parts of Asia, Africa, Peru...) They are a fun and festive toy for children during the Lunar New Year.

This craft is suited for older children with some adult supervision (due to hot glue gun.)
Younger children can help decorate their drum after an adult constructs it.

Supplies: oatmeal or stuffing canister, two plastic lids, hole punch, exacto knife, glue gun, dowel, 2 large beads, string, materials to decorate (felt, paper, markers, scissors, ribbon...)

Cut the top off of container, aprox. 2 inches.

This is the base of your drum. The second lid will be loose - don't worry - you will glue gun it on.

Trace dowel to indicate opening. Use hole punch to gradually increase the size of hole.

Cover outside of container with felt, fabric, paper or paint. Use exacto knife to make X over punched hole.

Place drum flat on table with hole punch facing you (at 6 o'clock). Holes for string should be at 3 and 9 o'clock. Use exacto to punch 2 openings for string. Make holes just large enough to thread string through.
Measure 2 equal lengths of string. 
Make sure you allow for enough string to tie bead and glue/tape inside container, aprox. 8 inches. 
Tie one bead onto the end of each string. Make sure it is securely tied. 
(This is a potential choking hazard to small children.) 

 Thread string through opening. I hot glued in place, let dry and then taped to ensure it was not going anywhere. Repeat on other side.

Insert dowel. Make sure dowel is touching the top of container. Hot glue the dowel into place at base and top. This makes it stronger.

Hot glue lids onto drum.

To decorate...

Find a container aprox. the same size as in circle of lid.
Use to trace two circles.
Have child decorate. Cut out and glue to drum.
Tie ribbon around dowel.
Glue into place.

We haven't trimmed the dowel yet. The girls seem to like the long stem.
Rub the dowel back and forth to swing the beads.
Beads will create a great drum sound.

Have fun and make a lot of noise!


Kristin said...

That is so fun!!! I hadn't thought of making our own.

Elle Belles Bows said...

So fun! Kerri

Anonymous said...

Love this it looks so fun! Just featured it! We'll be making one tmw! Happy new year! :)


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