Boo Boo Sock

The Boo Boo Sock was one of our first posts. 
We originally used baby socks the girls had grown out of. Our girls have grown (as children do) and so have the number of times they bump a head, slam a finger or have a belly ache. We have since moved onto adult sized socks. We just made a new Boo Boo Sock because our youngest is in the "me too" phase. So if Lu needs Boo Boo Sock so does Em. We keep ours in the freezer.
You would be amazed at how Boo Boo Sock soothes an upset child in our house.

Simply take one sock and fill it with rice. Tie off end with a heavy duty hair elastic. Cover with second the sock. (Put the tied off end in first.) Remove cover to wash.

Aaah! Much better!

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Elle Belles Bows said...

This is a favorite at our home too:-) Kerri


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