A Colorful Snow Day

Here are the troops ready for some outdoor fun. The snow was a little too deep to sled or even walk through.

We shoveled out a little "room" in the snow for the girls. Gave them spray bottles with food coloring and let them release their inner graffiti artist. Notice Em is mittenless....she was couldn't squeeze her bottle with mittens on. She didn't seem to mind so I let her spray for 10 minutes before whisking her off to nap.

I posted about this activity last year. Many wondered if the food coloring stained their mittens and coats. We haven't had a problem. The wash took care of any stray drops. I would suggest using old or dark mittens for this activity if you are concerned. I also do not add a ton of food coloring. Enough to color the water.

After some hot cocoa we mixed up some colored ice cubes and placed them outside to freeze over night. Today we will use them to decorate our snow creations.

Hope you had fun too!


MaryAnne said...

Great idea to shovel out a play area - we need to do that in our yard!

Elle Belles Bows said...

That looks like so much fun! Kerri


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