Wet Felting

My knitting group learned how to wet felt this past week. We turned this gorgeous roving into felt sheets.

I was instantly hooked! I loved the process. I found it very relaxing.
I just order a bunch of roving off eBay :)

The second batch I made Lu helped. She had fun getting sudsy massaging and spraying the wool. The process is very simple once you understand the basics. Older kids could definitely do this with guidance from an adult.

My camera's flash is not working so I haven't been able to get great pictures. I will try to work outside and get some better pictures.

I made felt flowers out off my homemade felt. There is no comparrison to store bought felt. I don't think I could ever go back!

Have fun crafting with your kids!


MaryAnne said...

This is on my to-try list. Do you have an ebay seller you recommend for wool roving?

Mama King said...

Hi MaryAnne! I am a newbie. I'll let you know if I like the roving I ordered. It may be a few more days before I receive my order. My friend di say that it is not important to get the best quality. Her advice was not to pay a lot.


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