Valentine's Day Hanging Hearts

An easy and adorable Valentine's Day Craft. Great for toddlers practicing their fine motor skills. An added bonus, Lulu spent 10 minutes just sorting the beads by color and which ones she liked.

4 Pipe Cleaners (3 for the larger hearts / 1 cut in half for the 2 smaller hearts)
String to hang your masterpiece

Fold pipe cleaner in half & twist to make loop
Have child place beads on each side of the pipe cleaner (leaving a 1/4 at end to close heart)
Don't worry about forming heart shape until you've twisted off the bottom
Twist and wrap loose end around pipe cleaner / cover by sliding bead over twisted part
Shape into a heart (Don't be afraid to go at it)
Repeat 2 more times
Form smaller hearts / make sure you connect 2 larger hearts together
Hang string at top

Craft Kit Exchange Moms: This is part of my kit for you -- so don't make this yet!


Anonymous said...

Yay, this will be our last minute Valentine craft, thank you!

Confessions Of A Homeschooler said...

Hi, I love your valentines crafts! I am a writer for for a column called "the crafty corner" and I would love to share this idea on this months feb. post. I would need your permission to use your image with a link back to your post. I didn't see anywhere to email you directly, but you can respond to:
ericaattotallytots {at}

Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas!

Kim said...

Oh I am so glad I went through your archives. I am going to share this in an article that I am writing. I will use an image to entice and link back to this post so readers can come here and read how to make these lovely hearts.

Deb Chitwood said...

This is such a great activity for Valentine's Day! Thanks for sharing so many wonderful activities! Here's the link to my post featuring your Valentine's Day Hanging Hearts and Heart Paper Chains:

RachelT said...

My daughter made a beautiful beaded heart after the inspiration of this post! Thank you for the fun, easy craft idea! I am posting about it at

Suzanne said...

My buddies and I will do this this afternoon. Much thanks!


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