St Patrick's Day Pony Tail Holder

Too much sparkle? Nah, not according to Lu!

Cut out shamrock. 
Sew on sequins. 
Use fabric glue to attach to another piece of felt. 
Let dry and cut out. 
Sew on hair elastic.


Ticia said...

Way too cute. Makes me wish all the more that Princess would let me put her hair up. Or put anything in her hair for that matter.

Sippy Cup Central said...

That is so pretty, great job! Karen Sippy CUp Mom

Kristine said...

I'm with Lu - never too much sparkle

M for Short said...

Oooh, aaahh. Me likey.

Katie said...

You are such a good mommy sewing on all the sequins! I suspect that's why I haven't used them much, application takes too much time. Love the end product.

PS: Guess what today is? I'll give you a hint 31 years ago I got off a plane after a long flight...yep it's my gotcha day☺

Valerie @ Inner Child Fun said...

So cute!! My girls would LOVE this!! :-)

Desdemicordilleradelosandes said...

que bello!!!

Sherri said...

Very cute, my girls would have LOVED me...maybe next year! =)


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