Apple Smiles!

Another great snack idea from a back issue of High 5 Magazine.

Lips: 2 apple slices
Gums: apple butter or peanut butter
Teeth: mini marshmallows

Assemble and be sure to smile!


jen at said...

i just saw this in highlights high 5 yesterday! funny - we were also going to try it today! but with sunflower seed butter - nut allergies over here! :)

Unknown said...

Aren't those just the cutest? We made those awhile back.

Valerie @ Inner Child Fun said...

Ack!!! So cute! Love the photo! :-)

Thank you so much for voting for me yesterday! I truly appreciate it!! xoxo :-)

cheryl golangco said...

I love the idea! hahaha Cute! :) I hope they eat it though! Kids can be so picky sometimes


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