Father's Day Craft for Kids: King for a Day

Why not make Dad "King for the Day" with a personalized crown.
Decorate your crown with pictures of Dad's favorite hobby, fishing, golf, baseball, cars...
We raided Dad's old car magazines to create our crown. 
Cut out lots of picture in varying sizes.
Glue them down onto a piece of of card stock.
Be sure to tell your kids (or help if they are younger) to overlap the pictures.
Once dry cut piece of paper in half the long way.
Cut V shaped notches out of the top to create crown shape.
Staple or tape together. 
Roughly measure using one of Dad's ball caps if unsure of size.

Our kids are excited to "crown" Daddy. I have already been asked the question, "When is Father's Day?" 20 times today since making the crown. Be prepared!


jen at paintcutpaste.com said...

this is super-cute! i am feeling sort of blank when it comes to thinking of father's day crafts for some reason... thank you for the inspiration!

MaryAnne said...

What a cute idea! We'd need to cover ours in cameras, computers, and smartphones =)

Abbie said...

awwww. I just love that the crown is covered with cars. Does dad like cars? Hope you are well.

Kristine said...

It's been so long since I've visited your blog. You look like you've done some wonderful things. we don't celebrate Fathers' Day until September so I'll keep this in mind. It's difficult to think of a different craft each year.
I also love your little soap box houses. So cute.
And I could have done with your filter flower idea a week or so back when my daughter asked if she could try drawing under water. In the end she drew on paper towel and we dipped one end in water so that it crept up and seperated the colours in the ink.
I hope your well. How is your house sale going?

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

What a fun idea! Thanks so much for sharing this, I'll be linking.


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