Sick Day Crafts

More often than not, our kids are "in between sick." Sick enough to stay home from school but not sick enough to be bed ridden. So what do you do with an "in between sick" kid beside pull your hair out?

These two standbys work for us. Plus they require little to no prep and minimal supervision.

Decorate A Kleenex Box

Pull together a bunch of stickers, ribbons, foam shapes...
I cut out cute details from cards we get throughout the year and store them in a big zip lock for just this purpose. I also stock up on clearance stickers and gems.

Give your child a Kleenex Box (try to buy ones that are fairly plain) and a glue stick. Let them have at it! Something a simple as personalizing their own box of tissue can entertain your crafty (albeit sick) kid for awhile. You can even add little sayings on the box with Paint Pens. Like "God Bless You!" and "Feel Better!" You may even find that want to make one for a sick or elderly family member or friend as a gift so stock up.


This is a simple activity for sick kiddos because they can do this propped up in bed or sitting at the kitchen table. They can create beaded necklaces for their friends and teachers they may be missing. The great thing about beading is you can use beads, cut up drink straws, pasta, buttons, air dry clay, model magic.... whatever you have on hand.

Instead of a needle just wrap end of yarn with tape to make a sturdy needle-like end.

Have fun crafting with your kids!
Can you tell, I have an "in between sick" kiddo?


The Invisible Seductress said...

My kids would never want to go back to school!! We were making baby dragons out of clay all weekend!! I love your blog ;}

Unknown said...

Ugh, so sorry your kiddo is sick. Good thing she has such a crafty mommy to keep her busy. I'm a big fan of your blog. I have a blog award for you. Feel free to stop on over and pick it up.

Katie said...

Oh I haven't tried decorating a kleenex box yet! Probably cause ER doesn't know how to blow her nose so she doesn't use that much. Fun idea to file away.


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