Pipe Cleaner Shamrocks

I mentioned in the pipe cleaner hearts post that you can use the same technique for making shamrocks. This is a bit more difficult than the heart project but not much.

Age: 10+
Level: easy (although kids closer to 10 may require assistance)

You may want your child practice by trying the heart project first.

1. Fold the pipe cleaner into thirds
2. Then fold 2 of the sections in half (it looks a bit like your making a star.)
3. Pinch one point with your fingers
4. Wrap and twist to form a heart
5. Twist at base to make sure it is secure
6. Repeat technique
7. You will have one stick with two heart on the end
8. Take another pipe cleaner and repeat steps 1 through 7
9. Wrap the base of one of your 2 heart sticks around the other to form a 4 leaf clover
10. Adjust and shape

There are lot's of possible uses for these. Let me know in the comments if you come up with something esp. clever!


Crafty Students said...

Very cute! Loving this! all the best from Dublin, Ireland! Really enjoying your blog.

Sancte Joseph, Terror Dæmonum, Ora Pro Nobis said...

Great Idea Thanks


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