Tuesday: Random Ideas

We found that Pharmacists do not put the refill/info sticker directly onto some prescription containers (mainly due to the size or shape constraints.) When you have more than one child and a terrible memory this is a problem. I discovered that Paper Tape solves this problem. It is semi transparent so you can see info underneath but it takes a permanent marker beautifully. I put the child's name and the dosing instruction on the tape.

When yogurt companies stopped putting the lid on top of the yogurts I started saving them. A year later I can't find a single one. I think our dishwasher is eating them. Well I discovered that the small Gladware top fits perfectly. It is a time saver. I know I am lazy and could easily put the yogurt into another container but if this saves a step...

**Allergy Tip: I have tried almost every type of egg replacement solution, applesauce, commercial egg replacer, oil, baking soda... I finally tried plain soy yogurt. It works beautifully for baked goods. It gives baked goods the right texture, moistness and doesn't impart a yucky flavor. So if your wee one is allergic to eggs try this in his/her muffins!


Katie said...

Hey, hope the back is feeling better! Come on by tomorrow, I'm working on a post in which I am giving you an award.

Mama King said...

You've got my curiosity peaked! I can't wait.

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

I love your blog!! great ideas!!
Also you can substitute ground flaxseed for eggs in baked goods.
(1 tablespoon ground flaxseed with 3 tablespoons water) I hope you have a great day!! Britt :-)


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