Lulu's Favorite Things

Lulu started the conversation with "Fortune Cookies are my favorite." I took this as an opportunity to find out what she at 3.5 loved. I suggested we make a list of her favorite things. Afterwards she carried around the list and would occassionally ask me to read it to her. I had to promise to give it back after I copied it onto the computer. This will be fun to look back on when she is older. This is her list entirely and in her words.

Fortune Cookies, Beads, Beading, Popsicles, Drum Sticks, Drums, the Go Go Go Song from the Backyardigans, Bunnies, Mermaids, Princesses, Bears (friendly bears), Videos, Ballet, Mouses, Making Lemonade Ice Cubes with my Mommy, Tinkerbell, Beach (because you can go in the water and splash splash!), Counting, Glue (because it is very sticky), Paint, the Go Dog Go book, (ooh I almost forgot!) COOKIES!, and Disney World.

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