Saturday Morning: Random Idea

My daughter, Lulu, loves wearing necklaces. Especially her Cinderella flashing necklace and a cute silver Southwestern designed necklace her Daddy brought back from a business trip. It came in a miniature pink Cowboy Hat -- what little girl wouldn't love it! I of course did not like her wearing necklaces fearing she would strangle herself. The solution...Magnetic Clasps sold at drugstores and advertised to no end on TV. They are marketed to the elderly but work AMAZINGLY for a 3.5 year old. She now can put on and take off her necklace as frequently as she changes her outfits...which is a lot. I have a future fashionista on my hands! At close to $10 a box they seem expensive but 4 come in a box. For me it was worth it because I don't worry so much now. There are plenty of other things to worry about, right!

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Katie said...

My mother in law fixed yet another bracelet my daughter broke and added a magnetic clasp to it. She got her's at Michaels I think and they were a lot less. If you have one nearby you might want to stop in some time.


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