Cereal Necklaces

Make sure your child is old enough to wear a necklace responsibly. Always supervise wearing of necklace to ensure child will not choke on cereal or strangle themselves with floss.

Dental Floss, Child's Plastic Needle, O Cereal of Choice (we used 365 organic fruit o's), bowl

I started by measuring the length of floss. Make sure floss is long enough for child to place over head on own. You could used elastic cording if you had it. Thread needle. I doubled the floss and tied one O to end to act as a stop. This will prevent frustration. Pour cereal in bowl and let child thread O's onto floss. I left bowl at the kitchen table and when she felt like it she could work on her necklace. She spent anywhere from a few minutes to 15 minutes at a time threading O's. In the past we have used Wagon Wheel teether's as a medallion in the middle. It is a simple activity that helps develop your child's fine motor skills, concentration and is also entertaining. Not to mention fun to eat afterwards.

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