Christmas Kids Craft: Simple Wreath

You can't get simpler than this. Well, maybe...but than you would just have a paper plate. 
Bonus: this is a kids craft that you won't mind hanging up. 
(You know what I am talking about!)

paper plate, green felt, red pompoms, red ribbon, scissors, glue

Fold paper plate in half.
Cut out center along embossed edge.
Cut out leaf shapes from felt.

Tip: cut out rectangles first so all your leaves will be aprox. the same size. Also don't make them too small or you'll be cutting leaves until Valentines day. Fold leaves rectangle in half and cut out half a leaf shape. Open up and you should have a symmetrical leaf.

Give your kiddo the leaves and the glue. Let them glue the leaves on. Let them know that they can overlap the leaves and that they are trying to hide the white plate. After they glue on the leaves you can have them glue on the red pompoms (you can use sequins, buttons...) 
Let dry.
Tie a wide ribbon around top to create a pretty hanger (see picture.)


MaryAnne said...

Very pretty! I love the look of the felt with the pom poms, and the fact that the uneven pom pom placement shows that you let your child' make it!

We just made different wreaths this morning - I'll have to post in a day or two. Ours weren't this elegant, though...

Deb Chitwood said...

This is lovely! I just featured it at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page at


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