Christmas Kids Craft: Work In Progress Gumdrop Trees

The Gumdrop Tree is a new Christmas tradition. Last year was our first year making them. It came out so cute we are making a trio this year.  Last year I learned a few lessons.

  1. It takes a ton of gum drops and several hours to make just one tree. That is why we are starting early. 
  2. Little helpers make the process take 5x longer! But...the girls love helping so fa la la la....allow for extra time. It actually makes for a good quiet time activity. Depending on the child they may be able to do it for 15-20 minutes at a time.
  3. Stock up on your gumdrops! Get the larger ones so you won't have to use so many. I had slim pickings the few days before Christmas when I ran out. 
  4. Buy round toothpicks not flat - rooky mistake there. 
  5. Gumdrops have a sugary coating that little kids are attracted to. See story below.
  6. Toddler Friendly Tip: cut your toothpicks in half and attach toothpick to gumdrop so all your wee one has to do is poke it in the styrofoam.
Last years tree in progress.

Last year, I was a bit mortified when my Brother-in-law asked if he could eat the Gumdrop Tree after Christmas dinner. I gave him full disclosure. Which was, it had been sitting out for two weeks and a toddler who may or may not been trying to lick the the sugar off the gumdrops was my helper. He said he didn't mind and commenced to pick the gumdrops off the tree and eat them one after the other. Eww? I don't consider myself a germ-a-phobe but...anyone else with me on this one?

Anyway, Brother-in-law will be in GUMDROP HEAVEN because we are making 3 Trees. 

Girls, make sure you lick a couple of those gumdrops for Uncle C!


Sippy Cup Central said...

Those are lovely! karen

The Invisible Seductress said...

Adorable idea and uber-adorable kids and story behind it ;} said...

That looks like SO much fun, I love this idea! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

Unknown said...

wow this looks like tons of fun!!
Think I will try this with my girl friend!

Unknown said...

Cute idea! Love the story!

Unknown said...

Cute idea! Love the story! I couldn't help but laugh at the thought, but ewww!


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