Homemade Gift: Treasure Soap

It is that time of year again! Treasure Soap production is in full swing. Our little elves look forward to this annual tradition. Making soap is a great way for the kids to make a gift for their teachers. We contribute to the teacher money collection but like to give something small and personal from the girls.

The instructions for making soap comes on the package of glycerin you buy at the craft store. I let the girls add the special soap coloring, soap scent, soap glitter and of course the treasure! In the past we have used plastic toys and erasers (there are a lot of cool small erasers available these days.) This time we used miniature ornaments. 

You can buy a soap making kit but we bought all the items individually from Michael's Craft Store. The coloring, scent and glitter have lasted several years. We are just starting to run low on the coloring.  I melt the soap in a large Pyrex measuring cup in the microwave.  It is easy to cleanup since it is soap!

Tip: fill your soap mold halfway then add your treasure. Wait until somewhat set (you can pop them in the fridge) then add the rest of the soap. This prevents lighter objects from popping up and floating. Using this method allows for you to create a two tone color if you like. 

Tip: melt the soap in small batches so you can create a variety of colors.

Common Sense Tip: the soap is hot! You know your kids. If they are accident prone or prone not to follow directions than this may not be the craft for you. My youngest is 3 and really enjoyed adding the color, scent, glitter, and treasure. I supervised her the entire time and assisted her with the stirring. It is a great exercise in following directions. I poured the hot liquid into the molds for both my girls.

I used the stamped paper from yesterday to package the soaps. I used small plastic gift bags but you could use a zip top bag. Fold paper in half and cut the paper to size. Staple onto top of bags. 

Have your child or you write the person's name on the front. I wrote on the back, "Emme's Handmade Treasure Soap."

Have fun crafting with your kids!


M for Short said...

Your soaps are great. Did you happen to see the peppermint bark soap on One Pretty Thing? It looks so real.

Mama King said...

Thanks M for Short! I will check it out.

Katie said...

I keep meaning to make soap like this with ER, but everytime I go to Michael's I get side tracked by the papercrafting section...guess it's hard for a junkie like me to branch out! But she is obessed with "fancy" soap that's pretty expensive at craft stores. She loves those little erasers and this might be a fun cold weather project when we are trapped indoors Jan/Feb.

Mama King said...

@ Katie, I think ER will really like this activity. Plus, she will become obsessed with washing her hands! Both Lu and Em are determined to get to the "treasure" inside. Even though it only has a cheap plastic horse inside.

MaryAnne said...

My kids would love this activity! I guess I need to look beyond the art supplies section in Michaels...

Abbie said...

gosh these are gorgeous!! I love your packaging idea too! For some reason I never thought to include the kiddos on the presents for their teachers. Last year it was knitted mittens and this year it is peppermint bark...this sounds like a super sweet idea they COULD do with help! thanks for the tip...in my file for next year.

Kitchen-Dreams said...

I am so impressed!

mysek said...

great idea, we will try it at home for sure :) thanks!


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