Fossils & Color Collages

I am finally getting around to trying some great projects I have found blogging. There are so many great ideas and projects out there! Here are two that Lu & I just completed recently: Coffee Ground Fossils from Kaboose and Color Collage from Red Bird Crafts.

Coffee Ground Fossils

I had to make a lot of coffee to get 1 cup of coffee grinds. Most people would plan ahead and save their coffee grinds...not me! I refrigerated all the coffee I made for iced coffee.

I made the dough -- which was way too wet from not properly draining my grinds. So I ended up adding a lot of extra flour and dusting the shells with flour before Lu pressed them into the dough. I shaped the bones and teeth while Lu made shell fossils (she gave them to her teachers and Daddy.) We are going to bury these in her sand table. We have been reading about Paleontologists. I will give her a paint brush and she can excavate some fossils.

Color Collages

The color collages were easy to make. I used one Land of Nod catalog. We made this for Em so she could learn her colors. I cut out the colors and Lu sorted them. I cut the circles using a circle punch. Lu put glue on the circles and together we placed the paper on the circles. I trimmed the circles after they were dry. Instead of hanging them up as garland I punched holes in them and put them on a key chain circle thing (its official name!) I plan on laminating them but haven't got around to it yet.

I wrote the color name on the back in the corresponding color.


Amy said...

I need to do this. My little one is learning colors. We are going to Nana's in a week this would be fun to do.

Jess said...

oh I love those colour collages. great idea with all the different shades.

***Sharon*** said...

I love the color collages! I may just have to try this as well! Hopefully I can find the keychain thing-a-ma-bopper at Michael's. That's the other official name. ;)

Katie said...

Have I mentioned lately I think you're brilliant? Love the color collages and the fossils are fabulous!

Emily said...


Thanks so much for the link! I'm so glad you enjoyed the circle project - yours turned out looking bright and punchy. It sounds like you had fun.

xo emily (red bird crafts)

Emily said...

p.s. I have a new red bird crafts flickr project page I'd love to have you post your color collage circles there. :) e

Heather said...

Oooohh...I can't wait to try the fossil idea with Meara! She will think that is so cool! Thanks again for a great idea! ;-)


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