Paper Tube Bugs

Here is a step by step for making a super easy bug from a toilet paper tube. How much of the steps your child can do will depend on their skill level.
Card Board Tube
Paint or Crayons
Googly Eyes
Construction Paper

Flatten tube

Cut slits along one side of tube approx. 1/2 through. Cut off one piece for antennae.

Fluff up tube then push every other slit in.

Cut the slits that were left up. Leaving the ones that were pushed down.

It should look like this when your done.

Cut a small slit on top for the antennae. Take oval you cut off bug. Snip one of the folded ends, turn inside out so curve face out.

Slide antennae in - you can glue them in place if they don't stay

Flatten and have child decorate. Paint would be a better option - more vivid - but Lu didn't feel like painting.

We glued on some polka dots and googly eyes. Lu wanted to add wings - so I flattened a second tube and cut out a B shape. when opened I had 2 connected wings. Using a box cutter I made a slit on top of the bug and slid the wings in the slit.

A paper towel tube works as well - makes a great millipede!

Have fun crafting with your kids, Mama King


DairyQueen said...

YAY! We have an insect unit coming up and I have been collection tp tubes! Thanks for another great idea!

atelierlemlem said...

I love these bugs! We are going to make some too!! I am always loving to make things from empty toiletrolls...
Thanks for sharing! said...

Wow, that is super creative, the legs are fantastic! I'll be linking.

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

I am loving that millipede! I'm planning lots of bug crafts and activities for the summer, and this is great!

Akela Joy said...

I love your cute bug! Just great for my cub scouts!

Preschool Playbook said...

This is so neat. Thanks for such a wonderful idea.

jennwa said...

That is terrific. Bugs are always a big hit around here.

Thanks for sharing with Friday Showcase!!!


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