Easy Fingerpainted Turtle for the Youngest Crafters

This is a simple craft that even your littlest kiddio can do! You prepare the pieces for them to paint. Set out a limited palate of color so your turtle remains bright and not muddy. We only used green and purple. The circles were made by using a toilet paper roll as a stamp. Put a little paint onto a lid top or flat dish. Swish around and then stamp. A paper plate works well for finger painting because it is coated and shiny so make sure you use the coated (top) side of the plate.

Small paper plate with center circle cut out and then cut in half
Take outer ring you just cut off plate to cut out head, 2 legs, and a tail
Googly Eye
Toilet paper roll
Plastic lid
Glue together


Amy said...

My little one is in love with turtles. I will have to so try this next week. Thanks.

Crystal said...

So cute! I think my youngest will have fun with this also.

Anonymous said...

Great project, and so easy to do! I feel horrible that we still didn't mail a letter for Lulu. The last couple of days were so whirlwind. Hopefully we will make our letter tonight.

schmobes said...

What a great, easy project!

toni said...

this is soooo cute! and i love purple and green together. i couldn't wait to try it, so we did it this morning - only i didn't have most of the right supplies so we had to improvise. no paperplates (so i just cut everything out of paper)...no finger paint - but i did have oil pastels, and h. is totally into those right now - loves blending them with her finger. so i just got out all the greens first and we covered our turtles with those and blended. then i got out purple tempera for the circles. but my shells were too little to use the tp rolls, so we just used q-tips. i can't wait to try it again with bigger stuff so we can use the tp rolls.


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