Child Safety

Last week ABC and 123 hosted a discussion about traveling with kids. I posted a list of some of our favorite travel items. I forgot to talk about a simple safety wrist or ankle bracelet that lists your cell phone or hotel phone number. When we went to Disney World last year I made a Velcro and elastic ankle band with our info on it and our daughter's allergies on it. (A wide piece of white elastic measured to fit around my daughter's ankle snugly but not enough to irritate her. I sewed on some duty Velcro and with a permanent marker wrote her info on the inside so it didn't show.) For us having a kindly stranger buy an ice cream cone for our little one while they wait for the authorities could kill our daughter. Lu is dangerously allergic to milk and could (and has) go into anaphlyactic shock.

Since then we bought these cute disposable bracelets for the girls. The site we got these from is Stuck on You. They sell labels of all sorts. Plenty of websites sell similar bands. Another company is Mabel's Labels. I have also seen temporary tattoos you can buy which might be suit a child not willing to wear a bracelet. We haven't used these bracelets yet but plan on taking them with us to our next fair or amusement park. Of course it goes without saying watching your children is always important but as any parent knows there is always that split second when your child is standing in front of you and then seemingly disappears into the ether.

Another tip is taking a picture of your child that day before you go into the event. It is so easy now with digital cameras. At Disney I took pictures of the girls in the Hotel room or at breakfast to document what they were wearing.

Let me know what you do to ensure your child's safety when traveling!


MaryAnne said...

Great safety tips. I've seen the tattoos, but hadn't come across the bracelets before. I also really like your idea of photographing your child the morning before you go somewhere like Disney.

Amy said...

What great ideas. I love the taking the picture part. That is so true. Happy Monday.

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea - something to keep in mind if we go to crowded places. Thanks for the info on the websites that sell these things.

Beth- the mama bee said...

When I taught, I had my students wear buttons with the schools name and contact info and my cell phone number. That's how a bunch of the 3rd graders got my phone number!

When I was a camp counselor, we had the kids wear printed up bracelets.

I think I should make something similar for my kids. They don't know their contact info yet. Good idea!

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

We have those same bracelets! I used them for Emily on her first days of summer camp a few years ago. They work very well! Great ideas here!

If you're traveling with a group of kids, I love to have them all wear the same color shirt (especially if it is a bright color). :-)

***Sharon*** said...

Great timing for me to read this post! With us getting on a plane soon I've already picked out matching clothing and backpacks for my kids to wear. Wish I would've known about the bracelets sooner! Neat idea!


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