Crepe Paper Flower Straws

Here's an easy (I swear!) craft for older children and adults. All you need is crepe paper streamers, straws (or bamboo skewers), glue and scissors. I made all the flowers below just by experimenting. Crepe paper is stretchy so therefor much more forgiving than tissue paper.

Basic Technique: Cut a section of crepe paper (approx. 4 inches long) Fold in half the long way. Snip along fold - making sure bot to cut all the way through. Making folded fringe. Glue and wrap around top of straw. Cut out petal shapes. Glue around - scrunching and overlapping petals as you go along. You can make ones that are all fringe or ones that are all petals. You can also use the straw as your flower center and snip fringe (see picture with green center.) I curled the straw back using my scissor edge - think curling ribbon.


Amy said...

How fun and pretty.

RootsAndWingsCo said...

I have so many craft supplies that sometimes I forget about one. I have a ton of crepe paper (in every color). I will have to start using it again. Your flowers are beautiful! My girls would love making them (and could probably do them by themselves).


MaryAnne said...

These are very pretty, I'll have to save this for when my kids are old enough to make these.

***Sharon*** said...

Those are SO PRETTY! (And I love orange and pink together!)

And I just noticed! You have exactly 100 followers! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Katie said...

These came out beautifully, I bought an expensive Martha kit when I wanted to make some because I am lazy! Pre cut and so simple but now that I want to make more I will use your method. So much more cost effective.

Preschool Playbook said...

No way--they can't be that easy--they look way too good:)!


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