Letter Exchange

Our first letter arrived yesterday! See this post to find out more about our letter exchange project. It was from Valerie's daughter, Emily, over at the Frugal Family Fun Blog. Lulu danced around the family room waving her letter in the air! She couldn't wait to open it. When she did she found a beautiful hand made book with marbleized paper and her name stamped on the front. Also included were some glittery star stickers which were too special to use and have been squirreled away in one of Lu's treasure boxes!

Lu marked with a sticker where the letter came from on our map. Just now as I was writing this Lu asked what I was doing and I told her I was writing about Emily from Pennsylvania. Well she sang a song that went...Emily, my friend, Emily, Emily... :-) Thanks for all of you who participated! We look forward to receiving your letters and we hope your little ones enjoyed theirs!


Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

How CUTE!!! Emily's stomach is upset today :-(, but seeing this seemed to lift her spirits a lot. Thanks for posting the photos. Oh my, Lu is just precious!! What a fun letter exchange project! I can't wait to see what else Lu will get in the mail - I'm so curious!

Crystal said...

How cute! Aubrey recieved her letter from Lulu a few days ago and has been carrying it around ever since. We are sending hers today. Hope she likes it.

Christa said...

I love this idea! I've just started to send my niece and nephew 'post cards' (Instead of buying postcards I take the photos and glue construction paper on the back to create my own post cards to send.) I'll have to suggest that they get a map so they can place stickers on it.

Also, I hope you don't mind, I've been reading your blog for some time and have placed it on my 'blog list'.

Mama King said...

Hi "email" I am so glad you have been reading my blog and follow it! I hope you enjoy the projects. I like your postcard idea!

Hello Harris Family! Can't wait! So glad Aubrey liked getting mail :-) Don't we all (not bills!)

Morgan said...

What a cool idea! My son would love having a pen pal from another state!

I like your blog! I enjoy doing fun crafty things with my children too. Thanks for the letter idea!

***Sharon*** said...

How exciting!!!

My husband said that Lulu's letter arrived. I promise to return the favor once we get to our final destination! :)

Amy said...

This was a neat idea. Sorry we missed out.


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