Happy Lunar New Year!

Did you know that in Korea everyone becomes a year older on the Lunar New Year?
It is a bit confusing. When children are born, they are 1 years old instead of 0. So if your baby is born in September they are 1 until the Lunar New Year at which point they turn 2. Wikipedia refers to it as East Asian Age Reckoning. At any case, this system makes me much older than I'd like to be.

Click here to download the Tae Guk Template and instructions to make your own Korean Fan.


MaryAnne said...

Happy Lunar New Year! I had a friend growing up who was accidentally put a year ahead in school because of this age system. I guess the school just asked her age, and not her birth date!

Elle Belles Bows said...

No. I did not know that, but I appreciate you posting it! It is always wonderful to learn new things (especially in other cultures). Thanks! Kerri

a Tonggu Momma said...

Happy Lunar New Year! I have a question - do you know if this changes one's zodiac animal? Because I'm a tiger, I think, but now... reading this... I'm not sure.


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