Easter Craft: Bunny & Tulip Favor Cups

Easter Bunny Hiding in the Grass & Tulip Favor Cups
(Start saving you snack size plastic fruit bowls/cups now! You'll need one for each place setting or guest. These cups are also great to reuse to hold paint, glue or water.)

Plastic snack size fruit bowl/cup
Craft Glue or Glue Gun
Easter Basket Filler
Egg for Each Cup (Either Plastic or Real. You can write each guests name on the egg with a paint pen. If using plastic fill with jelly beans, a message or stickers.)
Lollipop (For grass basket)

Level: Moderate
Age 8+ (Younger with Adult assistance)

Bunny Hiding in the Grass

Grass Cup: Start with one clean snack cup. Measure five to six 2"w x 3.5"h sections of green felt for grass. Fringe along top. Hot glue works best but a good quality craft glue works as well. Overlap sections as you go. When dry trim top to desired length. Tie ribbon around middle/top of cup (you can glue gun in place.) Fill with jelly beans.

Bunny Cozy: Print out template (below). Cut out two bunny shapes. On one of the bunnies cut mouth detail. Cut out and Glue teeth to inside of bunny shape with mouth cut out. Run a glue bead around the edge of one bunny -- don't forget to glue the ears together. Sandwich the bunnies together. Add ear inserts and nose. I drew on eyes but you can glue on felt eyes or buttons. When dry cozy should fit over a standard size flat lollipop. I folded back the extra plastic wrapping on the lolli before I tucked it into the bunny. Stick bunny in grass cup.

Tulip Favor Cup
Start with clean snack cup. Cut out 6 petals (I provided a template -- but you don't really need one.) Hot glue works best when gluing felt to plastic. To make look tulip like, glue down one petal then glue two petal on top to create a v shape. See picture. Turn to other side and repeat. Cut out a strip of green felt or you can use ribbon to create handle. Pinking shears might add a nice decorative touch. Fill with Easter basket filler and place a real or plastic egg inside. Use a paint pen to add guests name. Fill plastic egg with jelly beans or stickers.

Click on template. Save to your desktop then print from your desktop.


Katie said...

These are fantastic ideas, I love how they let you recycle something you'd just throw away. We don't eat fruit cups but I think I'll have to get a package and try them just so I can make these! You are so creative, thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Love you blog! You have such talent and so many wonderful ideas.
Thanks for your comment at www.flipflopsandapplesauce.com.
Lots of love!

debbi said...

i found your blog thru tip junky and i love it. you have some wonderful ideas that i will definitly have to try...love the tulip basket.
thanks for sharing,

Mama King said...

Sorry Crescent Moon - I mistakenly rejected your comment... Here it is. Wiggly toddler on lap. Thank you!

"I love the tulip basket! That is so cute!" Crescent Moon


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