Wednesday: Random Ideas

The Joy of a Cardboard Box
Here is one from the vault. We love cardboard boxes at the King household. With this box we decoupaged tissue onto the box -- doing each side in a different color scheme. We cut windows and a little door for Lulu's dolls. I also hung a lantern flash light from the top of the box for secret meetings with her "friends." This box was a rocket ship, boat, house, and submarine in its lifetime. We have turned a diaper box into a cat carrier for Lulu's stuffed animal Annie. We have painted, colored, glued macaroni, decorated with stickers...all types of boxes. So next time you geta box -- think of the possibilities! Tip: wait for nice weather, put the kids in smocks, arm them with rollers and giant paint brushes and let them go crazy painting a big box on your driveway or patio. Hose down the area for clean up.

Family game for even the littlest of players
This game was suggested by Laurie and her two cuties, Matthew & Ryan, in upstate NY. Her family likes to play Animal Charades. (Thanks Laurie!! I love getting ideas and suggestions.) Laurie printed out some clip art animals and cut them into squares. Each animal should be recognizable to all players. Animals vary depending on the age of the player. The game is played like traditional charades. Extension activity: Have older children help create the cards -- choosing which animals they want, coloring the pictures and writing the animals name onto the card. Sounds fun, we will be trying this at our next family gathering! **Just got an idea! What to do with your child's artwork! Cut up some of your child's abstract creations and use them as the back to your animal card. You can even laminate them for repeated use. Some idea for the youngest of players: cat, dog, bunny, kangaroo, penguin, pig, lion, elephant, chicken, shark...

Lacing Cards: Recycle Old Greeting Cards
Katie's Nesting Spot has a great idea for recycling all those cute cards your kids get. Glue the front and back together, punch holes around perimeter and have child use as a lacing card. A shoe lace with a nice long aglet works best. Katie suggest storing a few of them with shoe laces in a plastic baggy and stashing them in your mom bag for a great quiet activity.

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