Mono Prints

Mono prints are great for kids because you get immediate and often time surprising results.

Palette (a plastic lid works)
A piece of Plexiglas is ideal but when all else fails be creative...we used a tempered glass cutting board (we never use because the sound of cutting anything on it is disturbing to me.)
Brushes or fingers
Sponges & rags for clean up

Level: Easy but messy!

Have child paint onto Plexiglas or similar surface. When done painting, place piece of paper over painted area, rub back of paper with hands and peel off print. Rinse off board, dry and repeat. If you find your prints are coming out too dry add a smidgen of water to paint or if too wet make sure surface and brush has been wiped dry before you start painting. Also mono prints are meant to be quick. If you take too long creating your painting the paint may begin to dry on the surface. This shouldn't be a problem if you have small kids. It is fun for small children to smear and mix paint directly onto surface and then of course the anticipation of pulling the print is fun too! This was an excellent way to talk about color mixing. Lay out newspaper to place prints on to dry. We ran out of counter space today! Lulu had a lot of fun with this one. So you may get another installment of "what to do with your child's artwork" real soon!

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