Easter Craft: Transparent Eggs

This one is for my little friend Noah & his Mom. I received a request for a hanging Easter craft that shone light through it "like a sun catcher." I hope this fits the bill! Easter place cards are next on my agenda!! So check back on Friday.


Clear Contact/Shelf Paper
Hole Punch
Collage Materials (tissue, sequins, ribbon, feathers, glitter...)
2 identical egg shaped paper templates

Level: Easy

**Tip: before starting any project with small children make sure your materials are set up. It helps the flow of the project and stops impatience on the child's part and frustration on your part.

Cut out 2 egg shaped templates and tape one to work surface. I use an old drawing board so I can move it for snack, lunch or whatever comes up. The egg guide will help your child visualize where to put the materials. Cut out two rectangles slightly larger than your egg template. Peel off backing of one (set aside second rectangle) and lay sticky side up over egg template. Tape down on each end so it doesn't slide around. Start adding all your collage material -- paying attention to your egg guide. You want a good seal around the edges so try to keep collage materials inside of egg. When your done -- peel off backing of second piece of sticky paper -- place on top of collage and smooth with your hands. You can either take a permanent marker and outline the egg shape underneath or use the second egg template as a guide to cut out egg. I held it in place with my thumb and cut around it to ensure I wouldn't get any marker edging on my egg. Untape plastic sticky paper collage. Leave egg template taped to board for the next collage egg. Cut out egg. Repeat as many times as desired. You may want to do one large egg with several tiny eggs dangling from it...it is up to you and your imagination!

This project was inspired by Linda from the Moms Craft Kit Exchange. Thanks, Linda!


Clemencia said...

This is very cute! I love the idea :)

grammy said...

Having both girls and little fellow this weekend, and I think all will enjoy this one. Thanks Mama King!

Sandra said...

We did this today and they turned out so cute! Thanks for the idea!

Stephanie said...

This is beautiful and looks like a lot of fun. Will definitely be doing this - perhaps we'll make flowers instead so we can keep them up longer?

Unknown said...

This is one of my favorite craft projects to do when I taught PreK. The kids always loved using the contact and the items always came out so pretty!Thanks for posting this! I am going to share it with my peeps on FB...here is the link:
If you would like to check it out!
Thanks again!

Jaimee @ Havenwood House of Boys said...

These are so cute!! I'm going to include a link to this in a post on my blog about stained glass eggs that we made with contact paper and tissue paper. I love this variation!


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