Reversable Skirt

Krissy, my good friend and college roommate (from all those years ago!) suggested I try making a reversible twirly skirt based on the ribbon skirt model. Here it is! I am proud of myself because I figured it out on my own. Although I should have looked at a tutorial online. I think it came out very cute. I really like the weight it adds to it. It gives the skirt more structure. So here you have it 2 skirts in one!


Brandy said...

That's soo cute. And I love both patterns.

Just dropping in to welcome you to SITS!

Carma Sez said...

wanted to come by to say "hi" and welcome you to SITS. I know that you will enjoy being a part of this vibrant group of bloggers :-)

angi_b72 said...

Welcome to SITS...glad to have a new SITSta!!

Julie said...

So cute...I love it! Stopping by to say welcome to the SITS community :)

Ash said...

Oh my - how adorable is that?! And me with two boys?

I need that apple print for a cute apron for me.

Welcome to SiTS! Em

Judah said...

oh that is cute, love the pattern choices!! welcome to SITS

The Rambler said...

Totally cute.

I'm itching to try making some things for my 2 year old and her 4 cousins.

I just need to know how to use a sewing machine :)

Stopping by as a Welcomista from SITS saying welcome to the site. You'll meet some fabulous ladies!


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