Random Idea: Toddler Proof Chair Covers

Alright, so they aren't the most attractive things...but they are saving the caning on my nice chairs! It is probably pretty obvious I bought these chairs before I had kids. They were starting to look like the floor of my mini-van...not a pretty sight! I have tried everything. I bought chair covers that tie on, they ended up untied or pushed back. I tried making my own covers that velcroed on, they ended up undone and pushed back. So finally, I went to Joanne's Fabric and had the girls pick out vinyl covering of their choice and I staple gunned those suckers on! Well, lo and behold they love them and are very protective of their chair. I figure they are only young for so long. I'll have nice things someday...right???


Katie said...

I didn't know they sold vinyl covering at Joann's! I just read some ideas in a new purse making book I bought that uses vinyl. Will have to check that out. I'd been toying with the idea of making a seat cover out of a plastic tablecloth, you know the kind they sell for pretty cheap with holiday prints on them. Will have to consider using vinyl.

Mama King said...

That's what I had original done. I used an old vinyl table cloth but it kept getting taken off.

Small House said...

Fun blog. Love all the cute craft ideas.

Stopping by from SITS!
Have a great day.

Katie said...

Good to know they kept coming off, maybe I'll skip that step and go straight to vinyl ones.


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