Sunday Snapshot: Our Little Linus

Our little Em has three blankets that she LOVES. She sleeps with them and likes to drape them around her as she walks around the house. She will hand me a blanket and say ba ba (which translates not to blanket but to back, back. Meaning put this on my back.) I have tried like all naive parents do -- to do a blanket switcheroo (in the dark) -- while one is in the wash. No dice. She knows them by touch! Luckily I was smart enough not to ever let her leave the house with them! Even then we find ourselves on the blanket hunt right before bedtime or nap time.
This picture just makes me smile. She couldn't be happier or cozier.


***Sharon*** said...

She is darling! Before I actually read what you wrote I swore she was wearing a kimono! I guess it's the way the pink blanket is draped! ;) SO CUTE!

Beth- the mama bee said...

My son has three identical blankies, by accident. I ment to have the others be switch-outs, but he discovered them all together and now we have to use all three.

Amy said...

We all need something soft to sleep with.

Katie said...

I think it's so cute when kids have a special lovey - I can say that because mine never had one that I had to worry about getting away from her! She does have a certain Mr. Lion that she like and that she used to sleep with every night. Then we had to spend the night at Grandma Norma's last winter after we got rear ended on her side of town. She didn't get upset about not having Mr. Lion, much to our surprise.


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